Meet the Team


George ARPC Georgegyekum-Mensah,  MACostE; MAPM; MCIOB, RICS

George has over Sixteen years of post-qualification experience within the construction industry. He has led and managed multiple projects for many organisations in the business region of Africa, Europe and North America. He is chartered Builder and professional project and commercial manager, quantity surveyor and cost engineer.

George graduated with a first class and a distinction in his undergraduate and Masters’ degree respectively. He currently spends his time researching to improve the current Project Management practice. He is also currently a part-time Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University and Principal Partner for GM Associates.

George has seven notable academic publications to his credit, which include two journals and five conference papers. His research interest lies in Project and Production Planning, Project Control, Construction and Project Management and Sustainable Development.

Leah Bleakley

Leah Bleakley is a part time doctoral research student exploring nineteenth century prostitution in provincial Victorian England, and in 2009 received the Nottingham Trent University History Prize for Best Dissertation for her undergraduate thesis Prostitution: The Unexpected Consequences of Legislation, 1864-69 and 1885. Her postgraduate studies expand upon this work and employ an inter-disciplinary methodology, integrating the ideas and approaches of law and history and enabling a more robust investigation. Leah presented a paper at the 2012 SOLON Network ‘Modern Activism’ conference and also co-authored the Conference Paper.

Martha Glazzard

My current research considers knitted textiles around the ideas of functionality and aesthetic. Using a knitwear design methodology I am creating auxetic textiles for mixed audiences and purposes. The discussion is routed in the way our educational and professional disciplinary background influences the way we think about tasks and objects.

I teach on the Product Design undergraduate contextual studies module and enjoy being surprised by the differences and the similarities between the students studying BA and BSc routes.

I have taken part in collaborative research over the schools of Art & Design and Architecture, Design and Built Environment since 2008 as part of the ‘Aeolia’ project and the Smart Textiles research group, this has included knitting reactive stretch sensors for a cellist and costumes for a sensory dance company.

Emhamad Hamad

Emhamad’s  a PhD researcher  at Nottingham Trent University. He was a public sector employee, 1985-2005 and has been a Faculty member of the Collage of Economics, Omar Al Mukhtar University-Libya since 2005. He was a Coordinator of the Faculty of Economics, Al-Qubbah Branch, 2006, Head of the department of Business Administration, Omar Al- Mukhtar University, 2007. Emhamad has been published  in  different academic conferences. His Ph.D. research on  business incubators in the Arab World. He has a long interest in business incubators development, SMEs, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and positive economic change particularly in the poorer societies of the globe. His current PhD research on Innovation in SMEs and entrepreneurship through business incubators will provide the right blend to contribute to the world’s existing knowledge and hopefully towards a change in the global economic development.

Greg Koabel

Greg Koabel is a PhD history research student at Nottingham Trent University focusing on seventeenth century political history.  His current research explores the inter-connections between masculinity and political authority in the courts of the early Stuart kings through the figure of the royal favourite, the Duke of Buckingham.  Other academic interests include early modern military history, cultures of honour, and the role of gender in defining both.  Originally from Canada, where he studied British political and church history at the University of Regina, Greg moved to the UK in 2010 in order to get a bit closer to the sources.

Amy Manktelow

My name is Amy Manktelow and I am a 3rd year PhD student at Nottingham Trent University. My thesis is titled The Externalisation of EU Migration Control: The International Relations of Migration in the Euro-Med Region. I have spent my academic career studying the movement of people in and around Europe in context to my subject area of International Relations. My focus is the migration policies of the EU and its member states. I use the work of Pierre Bourdieu alongside International Relations theory to uniquely and critically analyse the security and policy structures of migration in Europe.  I hope to extend my work to border regions across the world such as the US/Mexico border.

Nikolaus Markoulakis

Nikolaus Markoulakis is a PhD Candidate at Nottingham Trent University, Department of International Relations. He is working on the regional economic development in the Balkans and the interests of Greek capital and foreign policy since its entry in European Monetary Union (EMU). He holds a BA in Social Sciences and MA in International Relations.

Vaeovan Saicheua (Vicky) BSc(Econ), MSc

Vicky’s research is focusing on examining existing fashion business models in order to develop alternative ways which provides increased sustainability amongst UK mainstream fashion retailers.

Her project involves the study of clothing life cycles, economic and social aspects plus political aspects and consumer awareness. This is in the context of the environmental credentials of British clothing retailers.

Using her background in Economics combined with on-going development of sustainability in other industries, her research aims to contribute to the multi-disciplinary knowledge of the UK fashion industry and its future. Her work has been presented and published both overseas and within the UK. If you are interested in clothing and sustainability, she would love to hear your thoughts.

Rhiannon Slade

Rhiannon Slade is a Nottingham based curator, performance art maker and arts educator with a formal background and training in theatre and live art practice. She is currently a doctoral researcher at Nottingham Trent University in the school of Art and Design.

She has spoken at various International conferences about her practice and research including the International Communications and Discourse Conference, Loughborough University, Designs on eLearning for London Royal College of Art and the International Self  Dialogue Conference, Georgia, Athens USA. Recent publications include The Art of Conversation: uncovering creativity through inspiration, May 2012. She has invitations to speak about her research at the Hague and in India in 2013/14.

She gained an MA in Performance and Live Art with Distinction from Nottingham Trent University and a First Class Degree from DeMontfort University.  Rhiannon Slade was selected to attend ELIA in Gent, Belgium as an emerging UK artist.  Her production Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité was shortlisted for the Edinburgh First Fringe Award and the Etcetera Theatre, Camden.  She is a board member for Synapse Arts and facilitator of Backcrit a public programme that offers critical sessions for artists and performance makers run by Backlit Gallery. She is a doctoral researcher exploring the performativity of conversation through community engaged projects and interventionist methodologies  and a founding member of the artist based PhD researcher group Thinking Through Practice. She is also a Supervisor for the MA Fine Art Degree at Nottingham Trent University .

She has exhibited Internationally and in the UK at venues such as Bonnington Gallery, Surface Gallery, PACE Leicester, Little Theatre, Phoenix Arts Theatre, The Junction, The Archways, London, Gent, Belgium & Athens Georgia, USA. Her latest work Mediated Riots was at New Art Exchange and Hyson Green Library, Nottingham. The Art of Conversation a solo exhibition was hosted by Backlit Gallery earlier in the year.  She also curated the first International conference In Dialogue for artists and researchers to be held in the Uk hosted by Nottingham Contemporary and Primary. Her work has been reviewed and featured in both local and national media including the BBC.

She is currently working on projects for 2013/14 more information can be found at

RPC Austyn1Uchennia Akahalu

Uchennia Akahalu’s childhood traumatic experience of the Nigerian-Biafran civil war that massacred hundreds of thousands of Nursing mothers, pregnant women, children and the elderly from the Eastern Region of Nigeria (including Niger Delta) in a pogrom that sent the survivors escaping to the Eastern Region from all other parts of Nigeria motivated his publishing a book on conflict prevention.  This subterranean current underpinned the focus of his Master’s Dissertation on ‘Nigeria and the Security Implications of the Niger Delta Conflict for Global Energy Production, Supply and Pricing’, as an off-shoot of the civil war. In the same vein, his Doctoral (PhD) Thesis is interrogating ‘How the Actors’ Cross Accusations of Frustration and Aggression impact the Nigeria’s Niger Delta Conflict’. This invariably creates a body of knowledge for those who did not witness the war, as well as changing mind-sets of the actors in the Niger Delta conflict for sustainable development and peace building.

Prior to this PhD project, Uchennia Akahalu who won the ‘Best National Youth Corps Member of the Year 1987 Meritorious Award’ amongst both foreign and home based Nigerian graduates has been influenced by his background in Mass communication to practice as a veteran Journalistic Communicator variously as a Reporter, Chief Sub-Editor, and Editor-in-Chief coupled with years of practice as a Public Relations Practitioner. As an intelligence analyst and Commentator on Public Affairs, Uchennia Akahalu has authored a number of publications in addition to speakership at conferences. Uchennia Akahalu as a doctoral (PhD) candidate in International Relations has his primary research interests in:  International Political Economy (IPE); Human, Energy (Oil), Food & Environmental security; Conflicts – Negotiations and Resolutions.


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